No Bad Juju

music video

In 2016, I was approached by a local Pittsburgh band to produce, shoot, and edit a music video for one of their original songs. "No Bad Juju" had been around the city's music scene for many years, but largely as a cover group -- and this track "One True Love" was their foray into writing their own material. I scouted the location, which was an unused wine cellar inside of a museum. The real fun ensued over the next month of prep, as we all collectively gathered toys and creepy dolls for the set design. Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, garage sales, grandma's house... you name it, we were there!

Sabrina's face mask and giant toy crank were fabricated by the goddess of props, Austacia McConville. I operated camera with a small crew of 2-3 assistants. And of course, I handled the edit as well. Even in 2024, this one still holds up as a favorite!